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Movies.com - Coverage of current and upcoming movies, DVD/video releases, and box office and movie news. Find production notes, trailers, photos, movie show times, and more.

Movie Web - About movies past, present and future, latest DVD/VHS, Polls, Studios, Breifings.

Internet Movie Database - Photo Gallery, News, Show times, Games and more.

Hollywood.com - Search for movies in your area via zip code, News, Celebs, Music and more.

Mr. Showbiz - Meet Mr. Showbiz, Murray Hill, the hardest working middle-aged man in show business.

Film.com - Reviews, Film Festivals, Calendar, News, Features, Home Video, Top Ten, Interviews.

All Movie Guide - A rather unique approach. Search for a movie it will give a synopsis then list movies of the same theme and movies with the same personnel. Plus much much more.

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