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In the year 1999 under the name of LincNow, we began selling Nation Wide Internet Service. Due to relocating home to the State of Kentucky, and our constant growth here in Region IV, we have adopted the new name of Kentucky Internet Service Provider  (KY ISP).  With this in mind, we continue to connect families and friends nation wide.  

You can expect from us service that can be trusted for critical business applications. You can expect skilled and helpful technical support. As our customer, you can expect business interactions with KY ISP to be a positive and helpful experience. You can expect KY ISP to commit to delivering the utmost level of service, and to credit you if this level is not achieved.

With the experience, dedication, and teamwork of KY ISP and our partners, we are driven to exceed customer expectations.

Over the years, we have been very successful in meeting the demands of our community, as well as acting as a gateway for visitors and friends around the world. It is our mission to continue focusing on giving businesses and families an opportunity to share their information on the World Wide Web. 

Thus, we offer our clients and visitors the best prices and quality "all around" web service on the Internet today. It is our commitment to continue to display a professional atmosphere to all visitors and friends around the world.

Welcome to the KY ISP.net Family.

Anita G. Williams, Owner

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